Software Overview

From the Software page, you can view all versions of software installed across your organization. The following is an example excerpt of the software inventory page:

Software Inventory

See the following to learn about or perform software-related tasks:

Viewing Software Inventory

From the Software page, you can view the following information:

Column Heading Description
OS Shows which OS this software for.
Software Name Name of the available software.
# Endpoints that have software installed Shows how many devices already have this software installed.
# Endpoints that need this software Shows how many devices that require this software
State This is the current status of the software for this device. Possible values:

Patch on schedule: This update will occur at the scheduled time.
Deferred: This patch has been deferred.
Ignored: This patch was ignored for the current schedule.
Actions This drop-down menu allows you to take actions on the selected software. Possible actions:

Patch now: This overrides a schedule and immediately starts the software update.
Patch on schedule: The update occurs at the time scheduled in the policy.
Defer: This defers the software update until a specified date.
Ignore: This ignores the next scheduled patch update.

Searching for Software

You can use the search field to find software installed anywhere in your organization.

  1. Click the Search Software field. A drop-down list shows existing software.
    Search Auto-Complete
  2. By entering a string, the list populates with matching entries. You can use multiple strings to narrow your search results.

    For example, in this search it shows all 2012 related software that are awaiting a patch:
    Example Search

Viewing Software Details

You can use the search field to find software installed anywhere in your organization.

  1. Click the icon to the left of the software to expand for the detail view.
    Software Details
  2. The detail view provides the following information:
    1. Version: All versions of this software that are installed on devices.
    2. Endpoints Installed: How many devices have this software installed.
    3. Endpoints Awaiting: How many devices are scheduled for an update.
    4. CVEs: Links describing related CVEs are listed here.

Third-Party Software Support

In addition to patching the device operating system, Automox natively patches a rapidly expanding catalog of third-party software. The following table lists the third-party software we patch.

Software Title Win Mac Linux
Adobe Acrobat Reader Yes Yes N/A
Adobe Air Yes Yes N/A
Adobe Flash Yes Yes N/A
Adobe Shockwave Yes Yes N/A
Google Chrome Yes Yes Yes
Java Yes Yes Yes
MS Office MSI Yes N/A N/A
MS Office 365 Yes Yes N/A
Mozilla Firefox Yes Yes Yes
Mozilla Firefox ESR Yes Yes Yes
Mozilla Seamonkey Yes Yes Yes
Mozilla Thunderbird Yes Yes Yes
Opera Yes Yes Yes
Slack Yes Yes Yes


We do not cache packages for Linux operating systems. We can only patch third-party software if the application was installed using the device package manager.