Viewing Software Inventory

From the Software page, you can view details about the software associated with your devices.



Software Name

Name of the available software. (Hover over the name to view the full description.)

Software Version

Shows the current version of software installed.


Shows which operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) this software is for.

OS Version

This is the exact OS version the software is installed on. (Click Patch Available or Patch Installed to view the corresponding devices.)


Shows the CVSS severity level for the software patch. Click to see the CVE link. If the field shows grey text, this refers to the agent severity and there is no CVE link.

Days Exposed

Shows the days based on the first time the package is available in the Automox customer base.

Impacted Devices

Shows if the software patch is available. Click the number to view a list of impacted devices on the Devices page.

Updated Devices

Shows if the software patch has been installed. Click the number to view a list of updated devices.

Patch Now

This drop-down menu allows you to take actions on the selected software. Possible actions:

  • Unignore: Allow the software patch to be installed as scheduled.

  • Ignore: This prevents the next scheduled patch from being installed.

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