Filtering and Searching on the Software Page

You can use the software filter panel and search bar to search for software installed anywhere in your organization.

From the Software page, you can view a complete list of all the software titles in your organization. Use the Software filter panel on the left to filter and display only those software titles that you are interested in seeing. The enhanced software search at the top allows you to narrow down that filtered data even more using a generalized search across multiple software fields.

NOTE: The search parameters you select are now stored in the page URL. The back button in your browser functions as expected and filter searches can now be bookmarked and shared.

Software Filter Panel

The software filter panel is made up of various options to fine-tune your search. When you select any of the individual filters, a number in parentheses shows how many are selected. You can clear selections individually, or select Reset All Filters to clear all. The software panel can also be collapsed.

Automox Supported

The Automox Supported filter is automatically selected by default. This shows software titles that Automox can patch. If you want to view a list of all software titles for your devices, clear the checkbox.


You can set a filter to search for software by OS. All OS families are selected by default.

  1. Select the OS drop-down menu.

  2. Use the scroll bar on the right to find individual OS names.

  3. Clear the checkbox to remove the OS name from the search results.

  4. Or you can remove the complete OS family from the search results. For example, you can remove all Linux results by clearing the checkbox for the OS family Linux.


You can filter the list of software by severity. All severity levels are selected by default.

  1. Select the SEVERITY drop-down menu.

  2. Clear the checkbox to remove the severity type from the search results.

  3. The number at the top will indicate how many filters are selected.

Vulnerability or CVE ID

You can filter the list of software by vulnerability or CVE ID.

  1. Enter the exact term or ID you want search results for in the Vulnerability or CVE ID field.

  2. You can enter multiple search items, which will show results for anything that it matches.

  3. To change your search, click x to remove the selected search term.

Software Name

You can filter the list of software by software name. This is a partial search of the Software Name column. You can enter multiple items or detailed items to fine-tune your search.

Enhanced Software Search

You can quickly narrow down data from the already filtered search by using the search bar at the top of the Software page. This enhanced search allows multiple queries and partial matching.

NOTE: This search will not show results outside of the data obtained from the software filter panel.

This searches across multiple fields:

  • Software Name

  • Software Version

  • OS Family

  • OS Version

  • Severity

  • CVE

When you enter a search criteria in the search bar, each entry is shown as a tag below the search bar. To remove a query, click x. You can add as many search items as you want. The results will include data matching any of the search criteria.

The following is an example of a multiple query, partial match search.

NOTE: For best results, concise search term usage is recommended.

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