What the Statuses Found in the Automox Console Mean

Throughout the Automox console, status messages are heavily relied on to indicate the current operating state of devices, policies, and agents. While these status messages are intended to be simple indicators of state, the underlying meaning of each one is not always clear. To provide more details, the definition of each status message is outlined here.

Device Status

You will see a number of different states for your devices in the Automox platform. To convey this information, every device is assigned a status that indicates exactly how Automox is interacting with the device at any given time.

Device Status

InitializingThis indicates that the device has successfully connected to Automox, but has not yet completed the first system scan.
InstallingThis indicates that a patch is being installed.
UninstallingThe device is currently uninstalling software, per a policy.
Needs RebootThe device has installed patches or software that require a reboot before installation can be fully completed.
RebootingThe device is in the process of rebooting.
RefreshingThe device is updating previously scanned software and hardware configurations or a worklet is being tested.
ReadyThere is no command impacting the device.
Not ReadyThis status is shown when the device is disconnected.
WorkingThis status can indicate that a command is being run on a device or that a worklet is in the process of executing on the device.

Policy Status

In addition to the Device Status, policies assigned to the device will also have their own assigned statuses as well. These policy statuses indicate the current state of a given policy's evaluation and remediation steps.

Policy StatusDescription
UnmanagedNo policy is associated with the device.
CompliantPolicies with a status of Compliant have no scheduled updates or failed remediations.
Non-CompliantPolicies with a status of Non-Compliant are either scheduled or have failed remediation. While the definition of "remediation" can differ depending on the policy type, this generally means that the policy has failed to successfully install new patches and manual intervention may be required.

Connection Status

A device's connection status is used to indicate whether or not the Automox agent installed on the device is communicating with the Automox API. While this status isn't a firm indication that something is wrong with the device, it can be used to determine how up-to-date the device's information is.

Connection StatusDescription
ConnectedA status of Connected indicates that the agent has checked in with the Automox API within the last two minutes.
DisconnectedA status of Disconnected indicates that the agent installed on a device hasn't checked in to the Automox API within the last two minutes.