What Are the Recommended Best Practices for Patching in Automox?

For Windows OS, we recommend the following policies for patching in Automox, depending on your environment.

For Windows OS

Main Policy: Patch All Except 

  • Filter for:
    • KB2267602  
    • KB915597 
    • Microsoft Silverlight (KB4481252)
    • Feature update to Windows 10 

    • Preview
  • Schedule: Weekly to Monthly 
  • Notifications are recommended. 

Servicing Stack Update Policy: Patch Only

  • Filter for: Servicing Stack
  • Schedule: Daily, or an hour prior to Main Patch Policy
  • No reboot or notification

Feature Updates Policy: Patch Only 

  • Filter for: Feature update to Windows 10
  • Schedule: None. Only run when you're ready for the next Feature Update rollout. 

  • Notifications are highly recommended.

  • Enable Reboot.  (This is required as Automox handles the continue upgrade at restart process)

(Optional) Definition Update Policy: Patch Only 

  • Filter for: 
    • KB2267602  
    • KB915597 
  • Schedule: Daily
  • Notifications are optional. These patches do not require a reboot.