Week in Review - Release Notes for Week Ending 7/3/2020

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where successfully patching Evernote using a Worklets policy was misreported as failing in the Activity Log (6/30).
  • Fixed an issue where Office365 would detect an incorrect latest version and cause the update to fail. (7/1)
  • Fixed an issue where conflicting Office365 update channel settings set by different methods could cause inconsistent detection of the latest version during the update process. (7/1)


  • Added support for new Office365 update channel "Monthly Enterprise". (7/1)
  • Setting a device limit on an organization with child organizations now enforces the device limits across all of their child organizations. (7/2)
  • It is now possible to link an existing Automox account with a CrowdStrike account through the CrowdStrike Store. (7/2)
  • Prohibit inclusion of '$*<>{/}' in group names and limit group names to 45 characters. (7/2)