Week in Review - Release Notes for Week Ending 5/7/2020

Minor bug fixes and enhancements. New third party title support for Snagit.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixes a problem where Internet Explorer was being directed to /undefined/ in the URL
  • Added validation on “Maximum Number of Attempts” lockout field to ensure a reasonable value is provided  
  • Fixed an error that was causing invalid logical operators on Camtasia for Windows 7 
  • Resolved a bug that was causing timeouts and extended response times on the Devices Page when scanning a large number of devices.


  • Added color theming for date-pickers in the app. Date-pickers are now dark/light in accordance with parent page themes
  • Added expiration headers to improve caching performance
  • Changed label in advanced polices so as to not lead users to think we had access to apple app store
  • Page no longer loads before login page is displayed when user is not authenticated
  • New third party title patching support for Snagit 2018, Snagit 2019, and Snagit 2020 on macOS and Windows