Week in Review - Release Notes for Week Ending 09/11/2020


  • The appearance of the Group Editor page has been updated, the Color Editor option has been expanded with new customization options, and this helps pave the way for the new look and feel of the console. More details can be found here.  (9/10)
  • Expand Enable/Disable Automatic Updates to older Windows versions. (9/11)
  • Filtering by device serial number is now available on the Devices page. Respective Devices need to be scanned inside of Automox before they will searchable. (documentation) (9/11)

Bug Fixes:

  • An issue was resolved that saw users temporarily being unable to create new APIs when their RBAC role was changed for them. (9/10)
  • Fixed an issue with the Boxdrive update feed that prevented the latest version from being available. (9/10)