Week in Review - Release Notes for Week Ending 07/24/2020

Bug Fix

  • Resolved an issue where some Device states (Connected/Disconnected) were inaccurate in the Non-Compliant Report. (7/22)


  • The Automox console 404 page has been redesigned to include helpful links for those who may have wandered off the path. (7/22)
  • Your chosen pagination limit on the Devices page will now be stored in your browser's localStorage and be sticky between requests. (7/22)
  • Improved detection and patching support for the rebranding of "Microsoft Office 365" to "Microsoft 365 Apps for Business/Enterprise". This affects all versions above 16.0.13000.0 currently limited to the "Current" or faster channels. (7/22)
  • The Devices page will support filtering on all IP address, both Public and Private. Mouseover will now display all IPs associated with a given device. (7/24)