Release Notes 5/23/2020

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed a problem where tooltips would persist over a search (5/18/2020)
  • Added validation to make sure that the advanced filter that are passed in are valid (5/18/2020)
  • Fixes a bug with version detection for the latest Inkscape version (5/18/2020)
  • Added validation to Policies API endpoint. Will now return 400 when OrgId is a string and servergroups are given instead of crashing and returning a 500 (5/18/2020)
  • Fixed MacOS portion of Zoom Outlook Plugin (5/18/2020)
  • CentOS release version 8.0 and above will display correctly (5/19/2020)
  • Fixed an issue that could delay patch policy completion and subsequent reboots when Office365 is included in the patching action (5/19/2020)
  • Fixed a problem with the Automox Supported checkbox being reset from unfilled to filled after a refresh (5/19/2020)
  • Insure Automox correctly collects device data when adding a device with a previously unknown version of an operating system (5/19/2020)
  • Fixed version display issue for PuTTy, WinRAR and Box (5/20/2020)
  • Fixed version display issue for Inkscape (5/21/2020)


  • Added a way to reset searches in the filter panel (5/18/2020)
  • Added generic search back to SW Filtering (5/18/2020)
  • Updated functionality so we can filter for software Automox is managing (5/18/2020)
  • Filter panel in both Devices and Software pages will remember state (expanded or collapsed) through logins and refreshes. (5/20/2020)
  • Added behavior so, when a system is added to an org with slack notifications turned on, the system name will be included in the notification. (5/20/2020)