Viewing an Individual Policy or Group

You can view individual policy or individual group details from the Policies or Groups page.

  • To access these, select the Manage tab and then select from the drop-down menu.
  • You can also select the corresponding tile from the System Management page: Policy Management or Group Management.

System Management overview

Policies page

Viewing Policy Details

  1. From the Manage > Policies page, click the policy or worklet name.
  2. This will open the Edit Policy or Edit Worklet page. Here you can view the details about the selected policy. (Learn more in Managing Policies.)

Viewing Group Details

  1. From the Manage > Groups page, click the Group name.
  2. This will open the Edit Group page where you can view details about the selected group. (Learn more in Managing Groups.)

Viewing Community Worklets 

  • From the Manage > Community Worklets page, click the worklet name.
    For more information about our Worklets, see Creating a Worklet.