Using a Manual Approval Policy

The manual approval policy is used to install only packages that are approved by an administrator.

When you create a manual approval policy and associate it with a group, you can approve or reject packages that are available for approval.

Manual Approval Policy page 

Manage Approvals from the Package Ready For Approval page

The basic manual patch approval process is as follows:

Requirement: This assumes that a manual policy already exists and is associated with a group. For information about creating a manual approval policy, see Creating a Manual Approval Policy.

1.  Go to the Manage > System Management page and find the manual approval policy you want to approve patches for. 

2. To see the list of packages, open the Packages Ready For Approval page:

  • From the System Management > Policies page, click the Name of the policy to open the policy and click Manage Approvals, or
  • From the System Management > Policies page, click the Actions menu on right, and click Manage Approvals.

Note: The policy must be associated with at least one group for any packages to be available for approval.

3. From the Packages Ready For Approval page, select the check box for the package and click Approve or Reject. You can do this for multiple packages at the same time. 

  • When you select Approve, the software is approved for your policy and will be applied on your policy’s next scheduled update. 
  • When you select Reject, the package is not scheduled for remediation and the software status changes to Rejected. You can use the filter on the left to view by OS or status.

Note: To search for specific packages by name use the general search box or filter by OS or Status.