Rolling Back a Patch

When patching there may be times that rolling back a patch is necessary. Here are some steps and related information to that process. 

  1. This feature is currently only available for Windows-based devices. If a patch offers a rollback option, refer to these instructions: 

    How to Roll Back an Installed Patch on Devices

    Note: Not all patches can be rolled back.

  2. Another option is to use an available and Automox Verified Worklet called Rollback Windows Patches. 

    • In the console, go to Manage > Worklet Catalog.  Select Rollback Windows Patches

    • This worklet is designed to remove one or multiple KBs from a device. Add KBs by placing the KB number (for example, KB1234567) between single quotes in the $KBNumbers variable.

  3. If you want to block something that is released, refer to the following instructions. This reduces the remediation footprint.

    Adding Patches to the Block List in the Automox Console