Moving Devices From One Zone to Another

Sometimes it is desirable to move a device from one zone to another in the Automox console. This can be accomplished in two steps that can be performed on the target device.

Note: A "zone" is the new term for what was formerly named "organization". Refer to Global Zone Management.

Note: This operation should not be attempted as a Worklet.

Prerequisites: You must have zone administrator permissions.


Manually moving a device to a new zone requires running just one command directly on the target device.

Update Agent Key

To move a device from one zone to another, you must update the access key the Automox agent is using to the target zone. This can be done with the help of the --setkey option. This will deregister the device from the previous zone and set the agent key for the new zone.


  • A string needs to be passed to the --setkey argument, even if it is an invalid key.
  • The access key passed cannot be the last one used.


sudo /usr/local/bin/amagent --setkey <NEW_ZONE_ACCESS_KEY>


C:\Program Files (x86)\Automox\amagent.exe --setkey <NEW_ZONE_ACCESS_KEY>


sudo /opt/amagent/amagent --setkey <NEW_ZONE_ACCESS_KEY>