Managing Zones

As a global administrator, you can create and manage zones and users across all zones from the Setup and Configuration page. You can access this page from the Manage Zones and Users button at the top right of the Automox console.

Note: If your account has not yet been migrated to Global Zone Management, you will still only see the option to create an organization. To manage users, see User Accounts. For more information, contact

A zone is a collection of the devices (endpoints) of a company’s IT infrastructure. Users can be given a role to access a zone with certain permissions. These permissions are then only related to the devices in that zone. A user can therefore be assigned different permissions for different zones. (See Roles and Permissions.)

Viewing Zones

The Setup & Configuration page shows all available zones. The following information is available:

Zones Table ColumnDescription
NameName of the zone
Zone IDThis is the UUID associated with the zone
Legacy IDThis lists the integer associated with the organization (org ID)
CreatedTime and date that the zone was created
ModifiedTime and date when the zone was updated or changed
Created by Email address of the user who created the zone
UsersNumber of users added to the zone
DevicesNumber of devices added to the zone
ActionsEdit Zone

You can view the zone you are logged in to at the top right of the console. Use the drop-down menu to navigate between zones.

Adding Zones

You can configure zones based on the needs of your company’s IT structure.

Prerequisites: You have Global Administrator permissions.

Follow these steps to add a zone.

  1. From the Setup & Configuration > Zone page, click Add.
  2. On the Add Zone page, under Details enter a name for the zone.
  3. (Optional) Enter the email address for the user you want to add. See Adding Users for details.
  4. Select the role for the added user. (See Roles and Permissions.)
    Note: Global Administrators are automatically added to a new zone during setup.
  5. Click Save.

Editing Zones

You can modify zones from the Edit Zone page.

Prerequisites: You have Global Administrator permissions.

Follow these steps to edit a zone. 

  1. Go to the Setup & Configuration > Zones page.
  2. You can access the Edit Zone page in two ways:
    • Click the name of the zone you want to edit, or
    • Go to the Actions column and click Edit Zone

From the Edit Zone page you can manage users associated with the zone. 

Go to the Users section to do the following:

  • Add a user and assign a corresponding role
  • Modify the role for an existing user
  • Remove a user. (Click the x next to the user to remove them from this zone.)

Note: When you remove a user from a specific zone, it does not remove the user from the company account.