Managing Users

From the Setup & Configuration > Users tab, you can manage users associated with zones. You can access this page from the Manage Zones and Users button at the top right of the Automox console.

Prerequisites: You have Global Administrator permissions for managing users. (See Roles and Permissions.)

Viewing Users

From the Setup & Configuration page, click the Users tab to view a detailed list of all users across all zones.

The following information is available in the Users table:

Users TableDescription
EmailEmail address of the user
First NameFirst name of the user
Last NameLast name (surname) of the user
ZonesName of the zones the user is added to
StatusThis shows if the user account is Active or if the user was Invited
Global AdministratorThis shows if the user has global administrator permissions
2FAThis shows the setting for two-factor authentication for this user. This can be email, mobile, or disabled. See Security for more information.
ActionsOptions available:
  • Remove User
  • Edit User

Adding Users to Zones

You can add users to zones and configure their level of permissions from the Setup & Configuration > Users tab.

Prerequisites: You have zone administrator permissions for the specific zone you want to add users to.

  1. Click Add User.
  2. On the Add User page, enter the email address for the user you want to add.
  3. Decide if the user should have global permissions or not. The default is no global access.
  4. Select the zone and the role (RBAC) the user will have for that zone.
  5. Click Add Zone.
  6. If required, add the user to multiple zones and set the required permissions.
  7. Click Save.


  • A user who is new to the account, will receive an invitation to join the zone. The status of the user’s account will show as Invited until the user responds. The details for the user remain incomplete until the invitation is accepted.

  • An existing user to the account will not receive an invitation.

Editing Users

You can edit the details about a user from the Setup & Configuration > Users tab.

  1. You can access the Edit User page in two ways:
    • Click the email address of the user you want to edit. The Edit User page opens.
    • Go to the Actions column and click Edit User.
  2. From here you can modify the access, zone, role, or add another zone.
  3. Click Update.

Deleting Users

You can remove users from a zone from the Setup & Configuration > Users tab:. There are two ways to remove a user.

Note: When you remove a user, they are removed from all zones they had access to.

You can remove users from the Edit User page:

  1. Click the email address of the user you want to remove. The Edit User page opens.
  2. At the bottom of the window, click Remove User.
  3. Confirm the message to delete the user.

You can remove users from the User page:

  1. From the Setup & Configuration > Users table, find the user you want to remove.
  2. Open the Actions menu for that user on the right.
  3. Click Remove User.
  4. Confirm the message to delete the user.