Installing the Automox Agent on Linux

To install, restart, and remove the Automox agent on Linux devices, refer to the commands listed here.

Install the agent

To install the Automox agent, run this command:

curl -sS | sudo bash

Check the status 

Use service manager to check the status of the agent.

sudo service amagent status

Inspect the process list

You can also use this command to check the process.

ps aux | grep amagent

Start the agent service

Use this command to start the agent, if it is not already running.

sudo service amagent start

Restart the agent

You might want to restart the agent (for example, during an update).

sudo service amagent restart

Uninstall the agent

You can use these commands to remove the agent from your device.

RedHat, CentOS:

sudo yum erase amagent

Debian, Ubuntu: 

sudo apt-get purge amagent


sudo dnf remove amagent