Embedding Your Access Key into the Automox MSI

Deploy the agent without parameters by modifying the MSI file directly.

The Automox installer requires your account access key in order for the device to appear in your console for management. To deploy the Automox MSI installer without parameters, you must embed the access key into the file. 

The simplest way to do this is with Microsoft MSI editor Orca. Downloadable as part of the Windows Installer SDK ISO file.


Notably, there are many other MSI editing tools, but this one is free and from Microsoft so we'll use this for the following example.

Editing the MSI with Orca

To edit the MSI file with Orca, follow these steps.

  1. Install and launch Orca.
  2. Click File > Open...
        The MSI file is loaded into the editor.
  3. Retrieve your access key from the Automox console.
          a. Sign into the Automox console.
          b. Go to Settings > Keys and copy from the Agent Access Key field.
  4. In the Orca editor, click Property from the Tables list.
  5. To add the access key you copied, double-click the first empty cell in the Property column to add a new entry.
  6.  In the Property field, type "ACCESSKEY" and press Enter. This is case-sensitive. The field will change from Property to Value.
  7. In the Value field, paste the access key and click OK. You'll now see a new row with your new property and value entries.
  8. Confirm that your access key is correct.
  9. Save the file (Click File > Save).
    Now you can deploy this modified MSI without being prompted for a key.

This applies to both Silent and GUI-based installations.