Deploying the Automox Agent Using Windows GPO

These instructions describe how to bulk deploy the Automox agent using Windows Group Policy.

Group Policy can be used deploy the Automox agent in two different ways: by deploying a PowerShell Startup Script, or by deploying the latest Automox MSI installer.

PowerShell Script

You can use the following script to check for, download, and install the Automox Agent. Follow these steps:

  1. Click here to download a copy of the script: Download Script
  2. Store the script file in a location that is accessible to your target devices. You can use the SYSVOL directory or a network share that is accessible to your device. 
  3. Create a new Group Policy Object (GPO) and add the script to your GPO under:
    Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Scripts (StartupShutdown)
  4. From the right pane, double-click Startup.
  5. In the dialog box, click the PowerShell Scripts tab then click Add....
  6. Browse to the script file and click Open.

  7. Your Automox Access Key is needed in the script as a parameter. Enter this into the "Script Parameters" box:
    -AccessKey your-access-key-goes-here
  8. Now that these values are set, you can assign the GPO to your target audience.

On startup, the script will check for the agent. If it's not present it will download, install, and start the service. If it's already there, it will not take any further action.

MSI Installer

With a minor modification, the Automox Installer MSI can be deployed via Software Installation GPO. One limitation of this method is the requirement to include your Automox organization's Access Key to be included as a parameter. Since deployment in this method doesn't allow for command line arguments, you'll either need to create a Transform file (.mst) or modify the installer file to include the Access Key. 

Follow these steps to deploy the installer:

  1. See the following article for details about modifying the MSI file: Embedding Your Access Key into the Automox MSI
  2. After you modify the MSI file, store it in a location that is accessible to your target devices. This requires that you store this in your SYSVOL directory or set up a network share that is accessible to your devices.
  3. When your file is in the desired location, add the file to your GPO under:
    Computer Configuration > Policies > Software Settings > Software Installation > New > Package...

  4. Browse to and select the modified MSI file and click OK.
  5. In the next dialog box select "Assigned" then click OK
  6. Select the package and select the Deployment tab. Check the box for Install this application at logon and at the user interface select Basic.

Once these values are set, assign the GPO to your desired audience.

Note: You should periodically update this deployment to use the latest Automox Installer. An outdated MSI file will not harm existing installations, but it is best to install the latest version when possible. 

The latest file downloads can be found here: Download Links for the Latest Automox Installers