Community Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Automox Alive!

The Automox Alive Community is a great resource for customers looking to keep up to date on everything Automox and engage with fellow customers and Automox employees. To sign up for the community, visit and use the login button on the top right of the page.

After the login prompt, you can either create an account -

Or use OAuth to connect to your already established Automox console account by clicking "with Automox" and it will redirect you to sign in with your console account.

In the Community, you’ll find Automox product announcements, technical resources, important security updates, and our wide Worklet repository! (You can even submit your own Worklets, but more on that in a bit.)


Automox Alive is broken down into different categories, including these:

  • Automox: Questions and discussions related to Automox
  • Announcements: Important updates from the Automox Team
  • Worklets: Scripts to help you create, automate, and enforce any custom task
  • Security News: Latest news and security breaches
  • General IT: General IT help and questions
  • Water Cooler: General discussions about anything on your mind!

There are two ways to navigate to each of the categories. First, you’ll want to visit the main Community Page at and scroll down to the Latest Topics. From there, click See More at the bottom.

And you'll see a page that looks like this:

For a quick look at the categories, click the all categories menu at the top to show you a breakdown:

And each Category page will show you the latest conversations:

Starting a New Topic

To create a new conversation in any of these categories, click the green New Topic button on the right-hand side of the page:

 And it will pull up a text box:

You’ll come up with a title for your post and choose from the various categories. You can add basic formatting including links, text formatting, lists, etc.

Replying to a Topic

Replying to a topic will use the same text box as you see when creating your own topic, except you’ll use this to reply to topics you’re interested in. After clicking on a topic, you’ll see a grey Reply option on the bottom right below the original post:

The text box will look like this and have the same formatting as the previous prompt:

Submitting a Worklet

After you create your Community Account, you also have the ability to submit your Worklets to be featured in our Worklet repository. You’ll submit the code just like any other new topic, you’ll just add your code and instructions for use, then our team will review your code and make sure it’s good to go live! To format your code, use the markup of 3 backticks (```) on the lines above and below your code.

To learn more about Worklets and what you can do with them, check out this page.

PS: We’re currently giving away free swag each time you submit a Worklet! So be sure to submit your code and we’ll get you some awesome Automox swag.

Navigation Bar

You can also use the Community to navigate through different relevant Automox resources through the navigation bar at the top of the page:

  • The main page where you can find product details, pricing, and more information.
  • Support: Automox Support team information.
  • Status: To check the status of the API, Console, and Patching Engine.
  • Console: A convenient link to the Automox console.
  • Roadmap: Various features on the product roadmap, include a spot to submit your request.
  • Videos: Past webinars and Automox how-to videos.
  • Documentation: Automox resources and guides.

The search function directly to the right of the Automox resources allows you to search through the community for specific categories, topics, posts, or people.

Next to the search icon, you’ll see a “burger” (☰) menu with various options and your avatar directly to the right of it. Click your avatar to see a quick access panel with notifications, saved posts, messages, and additional profile links. Select one of the options then open the "Summary" where you'll find a breakdown of your page stats and details.

Quick Video Walkthrough

If you’d rather review some of this info in a quick video walkthrough, we have a great resource available here!

Contact Us

The Automox Alive community is a great resource for customers to talk shop with peers and Automox employees, submit and find worklets, and keep up with ongoing security trends. If you have any questions, suggestions, or requests, feel free to message Brittany E (myself) or Chad M or email and we’d be happy to help!