Archive - Release Notes 2017, 2018, 2019

2018-01-09: Beck.2

Beck.2 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

  • Add feature to rollback windows updates

  • Improve formatting of CVEs in reports

  • Filter devices by software

  • Fix an issue with the device count in weekly digest

  • Fix an issue getting the software inventory for Fedora devices

  • Fix an issue getting the needs reboot state for Fedora devices

  • Add additional columns to the devices page export

  • Fix an issue detecting a change to the device timezone

  • Fix an issue processing some MSI files in required software policies

  • Check compatibility on agent install for Mac and Linux devices (Windows already supported)

  • Support fractional time zones

2018-01-11: Gilmour.1

Gilmour.1 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

  • Add threats page for Meltdown/Spectre. Click on the dashboard banner to access it.

2018-02-07: Gilmour.4

Gilmour.4 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

Fixed an issue detecting Meltdown/Spectre patch

Fixed pending patch count reporting incorrectly on the devices page

Improved error handling capability of the compatibility checklist feature

Fixed an issue with Ubuntu patching waiting on user input

Performance improvements when displaying large numbers of devices

2018-02-14: Harrison.1

Harrison.1 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

  • Continued improvements to the compatibility checklist feature for better error handling

  • Fixed reporting issue for Office 2011 updates on Mac

  • Fixed an issue identifying last user logged in

  • Fixed agent upgrade issue on Suse Linux

  • Fixed an issue in the endpoint refreshing process to prevent refresh loops for occurring and causing additional load on the endpoint and the production infrastructure

2018-02-23: Harrison.2

Harrison.2 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

  • Introducing smart reboots where endpoints will only reboot if a patch requires it to be rebooted

  • Added native patching support for Firefox 64 bit version.

  • Fixed an issue where apt-get was failing on certain updates thereby stalling the entire set

  • Backend improvements to how we handle billing

  • Java updates are now cached

  • Formatting fix on mac notifications dialog

  • Firefox 32/64 bit now cached

  • Fixed awaiting version for chrome sometimes being incorrect

2018-02-27: Harrison.2.1

Harrison.2.1 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

  • Added reboot warning when issuing reboots from the devices page

  • Fixed invoice description

  • Fixed support for patching the latest Java version on Windows

  • Fixed the hyperlink on the dashboard banner

2018-03-13: Harrison 3.1

Harrison 3.1 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

  • Fixed an issue with detection of patches requiring a reboot on Mac OSX

  • Fixed reporting of agents as disconnected during patching

  • Enhanced software page to distinguish managed vs unmanaged software

  • Bug fixes in the onboarding wizard

2018-03-14: Harrison 3.2

Harrison 3.2 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

  • Fixed an issue with the agent detecting DST

  • Fixed a performance issue on the software page to improve response times when issuing a patch action

2018-04-26: King 3.3

King 3.3 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

  • Missed Patch Window feature generally available

  • Fixed an issue with Mac updates

  • Fixed an issue recognizing Microsoft Office 365 business update

  • Disabled native patching of Slack

05-10-2018 - Paul.1

Paul.1 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman


  • Missed patch windows generally available

Bug Fixes

  • General

  • Resolved Java JRE versioning issues

  • Device search field performance enhancements

  • Device page filters persist through navigation

  • “Endpoints that need this software” filter in the Devices page now functions

  • Slack management updates

  • Slashes (/) now supported in software policies

  • Better error alerting and handling

  • Users invited into a multi-org environment will also have multi-org access

  • Windows

  • Windows errors are now human-readable

  • Resolved issue where Windows Package was showing as “Managed” even when already installed in one instance

  • Removed redundant Windows Definition packages

  • Packages from WindowsUpdateHistory are now marked managed

  • Windows “Exclusive” updates are automatically installed separately from other updates

  • Increased support for Microsoft Office 365 Business

  • Endpoints managed by WSUS are captured as part of the compatibility check

  • Mac

  • Resolved an issue where select Mac OSX supplemental packages would not update on restart

05-31-2018 - Paul.3

Paul.3 Release Notes

Written by Adam WhitmanWritten by Adam Whitman

General Enhancements

  • Support for Google Authenticator 2FA

  • Improved consistency of reboot notifications across OS versions

Windows Enhancements

  • Fewer Automox events are reported to Windows logging

Mac Enhancements

  • Better handling for Java builds below 8.X 

Linux Enhancements

  • Smart reboot functionality to only reboot certain Linux systems when required 

Bug Fixes

  • Removing Slack integrations clears the integration from your Automox instance

  • Groups show proper device counts

  • Resolved agent connection issues for CentOS 7.4

06-06-2018 - Paul.4

Paul.4 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman


  • WSUS can be selected as an update source through the Automox console

  • Handling for "Update and Restart" Windows 10 functionality

Bug Fixes

  • Weekly summary emails deliverability bug resolved

  • Resolved issue where Microsoft Office would not update when configured by Office Deployment Tool

  • Email notifications for failed 3rd party software jobs send less often

  • Patches that install but do not reboot no longer show as Failed

06-22-2018 - Allman.1

Allman.1 Release notes

Written by Adam Whitman


  • Windows Patch Classification available for all users

  • Improvements to Windows reboot notifications

  • WSUS update server is correctly reflected in the compatibility checklist

  • Improved Office 2013 and Office365 patching reliability


  • Layout bugs in Safari resolved


  • Linux Smart Reboot improvements

General Enhancements

  • Ignoring/deferring software no longer generates an error

  • Performance improvements for Devices and Dashboard page loading

  • Devices listed in the console now show their private IP address in the listing, and both public and private addresses in Device Details

  • Devices:Disconnected filter now works

  • Warning when a policy is created that cannot run due to scheduling

  • Required Software and Custom Policy options can now be disabled for your organization on request

  • Export devices to CSV option now works

  • Improved MSI handling for Required Software and Custom Policy

08/22/2018 - Guy.1

Guy.1 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

  • Improved error message when Required Software policy MSI installer fails because another installation is already running

  • Fixed a bug where device can show disconnected while it is initializing

  • API performance improvements for getting servers and software

  • Fixed multiple issues with 3rd party software new version detection and patching

  • Fixed an issue where Weekly Summary was not reliably emailed when requested

  • Fixed truncation of software names in pick lists

Edge.1 Release Notes

Edge.1 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman


  • SAML-based Single Sign On (SSO) is now available for single orgs!

  • In a manual approval policy, patches can be approved or rejected in bulk from the Needs Attention section of the dashboard

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed irregular behavior with 3rd party patch updates and versions

  • Addressed issues with weekly digest deliverability

Edge.3 Release Notes

Edge.3 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

Performance Improvements

  • Significant performance increases for servers, groups, and policies API calls

Agent Improvements

  • Windows and Mac agent installers updated to:Automatically populate the access key during install using the filenameComplete the compatibility check during installationRefresh branding and naming

Windows Improvements

  • Windows agent service automatic restarts even if errors occur

Linux Improvements

  • Ubuntu Uninstallation now performs full cleanup

Edge.4 Release Notes

Edge.4 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

Windows and Mac Improvements

  • Custom End User Notifications support (beta) - Set custom messages for end user notifications
    Change deferral times
    Select number of deferrals
    Available for any Full plan subscriber

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Public IP would report inaccurately on the Device Details page for an endpoint.

Mayfield.2 Release Notes

Mayfield.2 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

General Enhancements

  • Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) now available in Beta. Please contact for access. Full documentation is available in our Product Documentation.

Linux Enhancements

  • Better handling for priority with multiple yum repositories

Mayfield.5 Release Notes

Mayfield.5 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

Bug Fixes

  • Automox Agent no longer appears in software listings

  • Pagination fixes for manual approvals

Walsh.1 Release Notes

Walsh.1 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

General Enhancements

  • Multi-Org SAML now available

  • Getting Started section added for all accounts with key steps to best use Automox

  • New feedback form available to share your Automox experience

Walsh.2 Release Notes

Walsh.2 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

General Enhancements

  • All devices now show Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) where available, depending on your device configuration. This can be viewed on the Device Details page for any device.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issues with inaccurate GetSoftware records

  • Resolved incorrect reboot behavior in certain Red Hat and CentOS installations

  • Resolved an issue where certain MacOS High Sierra builds would not return a version number

  • Resolved an issue where Microsoft Office for Mac would inaccurately report patches when in conflict with Office365

  • Resolved an issue where Java 32 and 64-bit versions were incorrectly installed

Phish.1 Release Notes

Phish.1 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

General Enhancements

  • Required Software policies now support Version in addition to Display Name, increasing the accuracy of ongoing compliance. Versions use a "greater than or equal to" check to assess compliance.

  • For more help on finding Display Name and Version, please review our Product Documentation.

Prince.1 Release Notes

Written by Adam Whitman

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where updates for Mojave OS were not getting patched.

  • Implemented the CentOS CVE importer

  • Resolved an issue where the text on the Ghost Town modal does not wrap correctly in IE11.

  • Resolved an issue where the create organization button disappears after organization is created.

  • Resolved issues that caused typographical errors on the Remove Devices Confirmation modal.

  • Improved the usability of the Devices Viewable per page to honor user set preferences.

  • Additional minor bug fixes. 


  • Implemented UI Improvements and Bug Fixes for System Management

  • Implemented a new design for the Help / Support menu.

Prince.4 Release Notes

Upgraded the Automox core infrastructure to facilitate:

  • Improvements in deployments to an increasing number of endpoints.

  • Provides streamlined deployment of frequent releases.

  • Minimizes any customer downtime.

  • Enhances our ability to provide continuous, value added delivery to the customer base.

White.1 Release Notes

Written by Scott Winslow

White.1 Release notes

  • Added logging and analysis code to WebServer to provide improved ability to monitor the impacts of query performance.

  • Misc minor bug fixes.

White.2 Release Notes

Written by Scott Winslow


  • Upgraded the agent to resolve issues when the service is taking multiple seconds to stop.

  • Improved the WSUS connectivity check.

  • Documentation updates.


  • Fixed the Remote Installer Documentation links in Automox Console Onboarding Page.

  • Resolved an issue when entering spaces only in the feedback page.

  • Updated the software page background to have the same appearance as the other pages.

  • Fixed a validation error message for group management that references minutes when pick list is in hours.

  • Additional minor bug fixes.

White.3 Release Notes

Written by Scott Winslow

White.3 Release Notes


  • Resolved a bug to define and enforce character limits for custom notifications to prevent message clipping.

  • Resolved a bug in Windows where the machine custom policy for the Adobe Reader installation was not working.

  • Resolved an issue with the Page buttons to allow proper display of user accounts.

  • Resolved an issue during MS Office 365 updates where applications were shutting down.

  • Additional minor bug fixes.


  • Improved a situation where there was a mismatch in severity level when compared with the CVE score for the corresponding package.

  • Improved the ability that allows devices to be filtered by those with exceptions.

  • Getting Started cards now linked to trial accounts only.

Armstrong.1 Release Notes

Written by Scott Winslow


Resolved a bug to reduce potential duplicate connections with the agent.


Upgraded the agent to version 1.0-23

Coltrane.1 Release Notes

Coltrane.1, Fair Billing Model, Pricing, release notes

Written by Scott Winslow


  • New pricing model introduced with Fair Billing Model

Coltrane.2 Release Notes

Coltrane.2, release notes, MSI

Written by Scott Winslow

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed bug that was allowing users to delete their own accounts when selecting all in the user accounts settings page


  •  MSI based installations make it easier for enterprise based clients to deploy our solution to their endpoints using natively supported windows technologies. Additionally, since functionality is standardized, end users are able to support our installation without having explicit familiarity with it.

Coltrane.3 Release Notes

Coltrane.3, release notes, dashboard, devices page

Written by Scott Winslow

Bug Fixes: 

  • Scalability improvements to the dashboard


  • Added additional information to the devices page

Armstrong.2 Release Notes

Written by Scott Winslow


Add changes to the agent server that will provide enhanced performance and less network utilization.

Bug Fixes

Misc. minor bug fixes.

Armstrong.2.1 and Armstrong.2.2

Additional enhancements to the API to improve performance.

Armstrong.2.3, 2.4, 2.5

Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.


Added fixes for Device, Dashboard, and API page loads.

Armstrong.3 Release Notes

Armstrong.3 Release Notes

Written by Scott Winslow


  • Increased performance for the Overview, Pre-Patch, and  Non-Compliance Report and Dashboard

  • New streamlined look and feel for Dashboard

Bug Fixes

  • Improved patching for Microsoft Office on MacOS.  Leverages the supported Microsoft Autoupdater mechanism

Coltrane.4 Release Notes

Coltrane.4 Release Notes, search, device search

Written by Scott Winslow

Bug Fix

  • Device search remedied 

Waters.1 Release Notes

Written by Scott Winslow


  • Consistent modals in black theme throughout the application

  • Updated "Add Devices" screen with links to Automox Installation Overview

  • Updated Devices Page to should show whether or not a patch requires reboot so that users can determine which patches to deploy - and when

  • Improved performance of device pagination on the Group Editor page. Devices are now ordered by name

Bug Fixes: 

  • Separated policy assignment and policy execution functionality

  • Enhanced filter options for Patch All and Advanced filters

  • Removed non-working “Cancel” button on the billing page

  • Enhancements to Required Software and Custom Policy statuses

  • Fixed cut off Overview report PDF print view

  • Removed failed patch notification for Adobe Shockwave Player for Windows so that users can get to the known latest version

  • Remedied Pending Update Count

  • Create Group Page more performant in larger organizations

Waters.1.1 Release Notes

Written by Scott Winslow

Fixed an issue where Billing would display "You are on custom plan" incorrectly. 

To change or update existing billing, please contact

Waters.2 Release Notes

Written by Scott Winslow

Waters.2 is an internally driven Automox release that improves our infrastructure with respect to scale and performance. This release is not targeted to customer enhancements or bug fixes. No customer impacts are expected as a result of this release however we have provided a customer maintenance bulletin that can be found in the Automox Messages folder in Intercom. 

Waters.3.2 Release Notes

Written by Scott Winslow

Bug fixes

Hot fix required to address lack of Intercom support.

User interface fixes when adding devices to a group.

Rich.1 Release Notes (Minor Front End Fixes)

Release Notes, Rich.1, Minor Front End Fixes, July 2, 2019

Written by Scott Winslow


  • Enabled "Enter" to click Verify button on 2FA code page

  • Added Help verbiage in Patch Only and Patch All Except

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where installer from Add devices Getting Started card would not download properly. Now you can download the installer from the Getting Started card if you are a trial user. 

Waters.3.1 Release Notes

Written by Scott Winslow


  • Surface the new Systems Management screen through iframe in the legacy console.

  • Implemented Security Headers including:

          - HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)

          - Content Security Policy. (CSP)

          - Cross Site Security Protection (X-XSS)

          - X Content Type Option

          - X Frame Options

          - Referrer-Policy

          - Feature-Policy

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue when using Opera where the policy link line is not center aligned to the policy & group box.

Rich.2 Release Notes - Onboarding

Written by Scott Winslow


  1. Introduced a new sign up page that provides a faster and simpler customer trial experience

  2. Added the ability to immediately add a device and set a policy during signup to speed time to value with Automox


  1. New software page beta available with faster performance, better search and patch grouping, and immediate actions to install a patch across an organization

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where credit card details could not be updated in billing

  2. Fixed an issue where viewing all policies on the System Management page was not possible

Rich.5 Release Notes

Written by Scott Winslow


Agent 27 (1.0-27) released and enabled, adding improvements to the Automox infrastructure to improve performance and scalability. This agent version will release in groups and upgrades will automatically take place as your devices check into Automox.

These improvements will help to reduce database loads and allow more customer connections. 

Bug Fixes

Resolved an issue where the MSI Installer doesn't remove the amagent directory when uninstalling Windows XP and 2003. 

Resolved an issue where the MSI Installer doesn't pull the AccessKey from filename in quiet mode.

Resolved an issue when installing Agent MSI where cancelling the UAC prompt displays "success" to the user when the installation was not completed. 

Rich.6 Release Notes

Written by Scott Winslow

Bug Fixes

The following items were released with Rich.6 as minor releases and hot fixes.


  • Internal only infrastructure updates to improve monitoring.


  • In situations that required more complex email addresses, users could not successfully signup despite having a legitimate email address.

  • Resolved an issue when deleting a device from the console and then doing a fresh install caused the agent to continue to delete itself.


  • Enabled diagnostics for improved communication with the new agent releases.


  • Internal only, minor bug fixes.


  • Improved the algorithms used to schedule the next check in time when an endpoint misses its currently scheduled policy updates.

Hancock.2 - Bug Fixes

Hancock.2 Release Notes - Rollback, Skype

Written by Scott Winslow

Bug Fix: 

  • Fixed issue where rollback of Important or Optional Update was not working. All patches available  to be updated.

  • Fixed issue when detecting Skype causing refresh cycle to not complete.

Hancock.1 - Front End Changes

2019.08.12 - Release notes for new front end changes. Hancock.1.

Written by Scott Winslow


  • Updated typography to drive consistency through the app

  • Text change: Custom Policy to Worklets

  • Consolidated single repository & build for react and backbone code base

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed an error that was causing 2 scrollbars in Chrome

  • Fixed labels on System Management page

  • Fixed error where linkages were distorted on non-retina optimized displays

  • Fixed nesting on Groups and System Management page

Hancock.3 - SEO Fix

Release notes, SEO, Hancock.3

Written by Scott Winslow

Bug Fix:

  • Added text to instruct search engines not to index console application to prevent skewing marketing statistics.

2019.09.10-01 Release Notes

Written by Scott Winslow

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where the manual execution of a policy with a large number of devices times out in the HTTP request.

  • Resolved the issue where the Group editor was not saving the disable OS patch setting value.

  • Resolved an issue where executing a policy manually would error if there was one or more disconnected devices.

2019.09.17-01 Release Notes - New Checkout Process

international billing, updated security, SCA

Written by Scott Winslow


  • Updated checkout process to better support card security, international billing, and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Release Notes - 2019.09.20-01 - Windows Agent Upgrade Fix

windows, agent, pending patch counts

Written by Scott Winslow

Bug Fixes:

  • Pending Patch Counts corrected for some instances where multiple policies connected to a device showed incorrect value

  • Added agent recovery capability when auto-upgrade of the fails on Windows devices

2019.09.23-01 Release Notes - Minor Bug Fixes

Zoom for MacOS

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed an issue with Zoom on MacOS for 3rd party patching beta program

  • Fixed an issue where notification box was reverting back to default text

Release Notes - 2019.09.25-01 - Minor Front End Fixes

Front end fixes

Bug Fixes: 

  • Content fix on billing page


  • Removed white background for grey text and replaced with black background for readability

2019.09.27-01 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when executing a batch "Scan" or "Reboot" action from the Devices page where a large number of API calls to the server queues causes controller timeouts.

  • Fixed an issue in the System Management page where the Execute Now action encounters a gateway timeout and there is an uncaught TypeError in the console tab of the browser.

  • Fixed an issue where the manual execution of a policy with a large number of devices times out in the HTTP request. 

  • Fixed an issue where the Patch Now function from the software page times out for a large number of devices.

2019.09.27-02 Release Notes


Planned Maintenance 9-27-2019 @ 3:00PM MT

Nick from Automox <>

Jan 13, 2021

Hi  First name ,

Automox is planning a maintenance window targeted for Friday, September 27th, at approximately 3:00 PM MT / 9:00 PM UTC.  We will be using this window to update our production infrastructure to the latest and greatest and expect the efforts to last about 6 hours. During this time, users can expect degraded performance and short periods of planned downtime. 

If you have any questions simply reply to this message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Nick Almiron

Director of Support Engineering

  • Updates implemented in production database for general performance improvements.

2019.10.04-01 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Zoom fix on Windows 7 that prevents the function GetSoftware from crashing.

2019.10.11-01 Release Notes


  • Notarized the macOS installer package for 10.15.


  • End User Notification was not appearing in user sessions.

  • Surround installation URL with quotes to support mac OS 10.15.x (Catalina) 

  • OSX 15: Beta OS updates not returning in GetSoftware.

  • OSX 15: Notifications weren't displaying. 

  • White space was appearing Under Notification Window. 

  • Agent command failures were not properly reported if script exits with non-zero. 

  • Agent Log and associated CQ response only showed "Exit Status xx" instead of the stderr output previously displayed. 

  • Notification related error in agent log (Invalid Session ID). 

2019.10.16-01 Release Notes


  • This release contains architectural enhancements that will be used for future features and general performance improvements. No customer visible changes will be noticed.


  • Resolved an issue while processing a result that could create a missing command.

Release Notes - 2019.10.23-01 - Minor Front End Updates

Minor Front End Updates, Improved Readability, Zip Code Enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • Updated billing zip code field to accept alpha-numeric characters 

  • Updated text from "Require Reboot" to "Requires Reboot" to avoid confusion

  • Fixed an error that was preventing Search Software and Search Device from showing completely in IE 11

  • Updated functionality for Display Name column in the Edit Group screen. Display Name column is now sortable. 

  • Removed duplicate columns on Devices Page

  • Fixed an issue where Custom Notifications would not throw an error if reboot message was left blank

  • Fixed an uncaught 500 error


  • Removed "Beta" tag from Software Page - New Software Page is now the default for all customers

  • Changed “Edit Policy” to be “Edit Worklet” on System Management page

  • Changed "Delete Policy" to "Delete Worklet" on Edit Worklet page

  • Modified "Add Devices" text color for readability. Removed unnecessary check box. 

  • Updated color scheme on Reports page in order for Activity Log headers to be readable

2019.10.31-01 Release Notes


  • Removed the beta tag designation from Advanced Patch Policy, Software Page, Recommended Windows Updates and Custom notifications.

2019.11.06-03 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where Agents prior to version 27 on a proxy client weren't auto-upgrading .

  • Resolved an issue where the Missed Patch Window failed to remediate upon the first attempt with newly added devices.

2019.11.12-02 Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where the Devices page was showing expired status.

2019.11.18-01 Release Notes


  • Updated our installer package to match the Adobe AIR and SeaMonkey changed names. 

2019.11.27-01 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where an endpoint addition to a group via the console sent individual requests for each endpoint added.

  • Fixed and issue when using RHEL 8 that was listing only uninstalled packages in the Device Details page.


  • Implemented performance improvements when using the console.

2019.12.03-01 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Devices page from loading when a device has an older agent version.


  • Enhanced the Automatic Reboot toggle description in the Policy editor.

  • Refactored the Events API endpoint to increase performance and add additional filtering functionality.

  • Increased the performance of the Activity Log Report.

2019.12.04-02 Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue that returned messages larger than the maximum allowed in the Automox Console.

2019.12.06-01 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some Device Details pages were not loading properly.

2019.12.13-01 Release Notes

Mac and Windows support for Zoom


  • Mac and Windows 3rd party application support for Zoom

  • Improved numeric semantic versioning across multiple areas of the product

  • Enhanced the way we record customer titles to increase report accuracy

2019.12.15-01 Release Notes

Minor bug fixes including Next Patch Window Bug Fix and patch policies bug fix.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed an error where Next Patch Window is 'unscheduled' when a policy is scheduled

  • Fixed an error to ensure that patch policies take effect at the proper scheduled time

2019.12.17-01 Release Notes

Minor Billing Bug Fix - Invoice Date

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect invoice date was displayed in console. Now, the date in console is the actual date the invoice was issued or paid. 

2019.12.30-01 Release Notes - Severity Service CVSS V3

Severity Service CVSS V3, Minor bug fixes


  • Introduced the CVSS V3 scoring model (learn more here)

  • Automatically migrated Severity patching policies that previously included Critical to automatically include High severities too (covering the same score range as was previously covered: 7-10)

  • Updated over a million vulnerabilities where severity rating was null to a value

  • Replaced collection of four icons on "By Severity" button with a single Shield icon, and matched colors of buttons to Severity level

  • Added High and Unknown severity choices and renamed Other to Unknown

  • Added High and Unknown to the Overview Report

  • Allow multi-select of package/policy combination with batch approval or rejection

  • Improved pagination

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an error so that we patch to the latest version of Google Chrome and Adobe Flash