Apple Silicon (M1) Support

Find out how Automox supports third-party applications on devices with Apple Silicon.

Note: To run the Automox agent on M1 devices, you must use the Rosetta 2 component. 

Automox Agent

The Automox agent is currently available on Macs with Apple Silicon (M1).

Required Software Policies and Worklets

All required software policies and worklets should continue to work as expected.

Apple macOS Updates

Beginning with the Agent 33 release, Automox fully supports macOS updates on Apple Silicon devices.

Follow these instructions to ensure the Automox agent has the appropriate permissions on Apple Silicon devices.

Third-Party Software Updates

Third-party updates are supported, however, the following third-party application updates will install the Intel-specific version of the software:

  • LibreOffice
  • VLC Media Player

For further questions, contact our support team at

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