About Automox API

The Automox API is a powerful interface that allows you to integrate Automox reporting data into your applications and control your devices, policies, and configurations.

All endpoints are only accessible via HTTPS and are located at https://console.automox.com/api/....


Be nice. If you’re sending too many requests too quickly, we’ll send back a 429 HTTP status:

429 Too Many Requests

You are limited to 5000 requests per hour per api_key.

In practice, this means that you should authenticate users (if possible) so that the limits for a particular user are well out of reach.

Automox Terminology

Note that ‘servers’ and ‘endpoints’ are used interchangeably.

Keep API Keys Secure!

Depending on your role, your API key may be able to modify users, devices, and policies. API keys should be kept secure and not shared to prevent unforeseen changes or potential security issues. Never email or write down your API key.